{DIY} Backyard Outdoor Movie Night

I’m always looking for fun new ways to entertain outside in the summer (you can only handle so many barbecues, right?) and a friend of mine recently threw an outdoor movie night – which was a blast!  Our event was celebrating a night with our girlfriends, but this would be a great family activity for all ages.   With just a little work, it’s easy to transform your backyard into an outdoor theater.

Summer Movie Night

You can spend a lot of money on an actual outdoor screen (most are inflatable), but this DIY version was easy, much less expensive, and worked perfectly.  The host filled two buckets with ready-mix cement, and inserted a wooden stake into each bucket.  After the cement dries, just staple a white sheet between the stakes and, voila!, a make-shift move screen!  My friend borrowed a projector from her work and just hooked it up to her computer to play the movie. Or,  if you’re willing to invest a few hundred dollars, they are several portable projectors you can buy if you feel you’ll use it often.  Simply add a few blankets and pillows to make your space comfy and your theater is ready!

Movie Night Snacks
Movie Night Popcorn Bar

A movie night wouldn’t be complete without snacks!  We had a table stocked with lots of traditional movie candy, a popcorn bar and plenty of beverage options.  The popcorn cones (above) were made out of pretty scrapbook paper…so cheap and easy!  It was a fun night and a great way to spend time with friends under the stars!

Another exciting way for you to dress up your outdoor movie night party would be to create a Hollywood theme using our Reel Hollywood party supplies. Add a red carpet and you’re good to go!  For more fun movie night ideas, check out our Outdoor Movie Night board on Pinterest.

Reel Hollywood Party Supplies



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